1. Do not know where to start?

Using a special questionnaire, we will determine your tastes and preferences in order to form an image of your future interior together.

2. Will the design match the budget?

All design elements are selected based on your budget.

3. Where is the best place to buy materials, furniture and light?

You will be provided with all possible store options and recommendations how to save money at the expense of quality with detailed specifications.

4. Do you need a clear design project for builders?

You will receive a complete instruction with all necessary drawings and manuals for the implementation of the project.

5. What is 3-D visualization and why is it needed?

3D visualization of the interior is the creation of a photorealistic image of your room after repair. Thanks to 3D visualization it will be easier for you to imagine how your apartment or house will change after the embodiment of everything conceived in life. Even before the repair begins, you will see the texture of the walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, lighting and other interior items in minute detail.
If something you do not like, then you immediately pay attention to it, and the designer will be able to choose an alternative. 3D really helps you make the right choice and will save money in the repair phase!

6. What is the author’s supervision and why is it needed?

Repair and construction work is a dynamic process, during which unforeseen situations and problems can arise which could not be envisaged at the stage of project development. Just the decision of the author of the project. Also, often during the implementation of the project, the customer has ideas that either change. In this case, the author can not do without the author, because he has all the authority to make changes in the project.

7. What does the author’s supervision consist of?

The conduct of the author’s supervision depends on the conditions of construction, scale, complexity, uniqueness and type of object, i.e. from real necessity. It is possible to single out the main components of the author’s supervision:

– Scheduled inspection of the construction site. Implies visiting the site to clarify the details of the project, checking the results of the work. It can also be the solution of questions on project documentation arising from the customer or construction contractor. Depending on the arrangements, planned departures can be supplemented or replaced by departures at the request of the Customer.

– Making changes to project documentation. Assumes the release of additional, corrective or clarifying project documentation, if there is a corresponding need for the construction process. Changes can be made to the project either for an additional fee or free of charge, depending on the reasons that caused these changes. The correction of the project documentation is also possible at the request of the general contractor (but with the consent of the customer) in connection with the equipment, materials, mechanisms available to it, as well as the qualifications of the employees.