Even before the construction works you will see your future interior having received the project in the form of an album with photorealistic 3D visualization of rooms from different angles and all necessary drawings.

The design project includes:

1. Examination plan
2. Plan for dismantling of building structures
3. Plan after dismantling
4. Plan for the installation of building structures
5. Sections of wall constructions and the scheme of embedded parts
6. Plan of arrangement of furniture and equipment
7. Plan of arrangement of sanitary equipment
8. Plan of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning
9. Ceiling plan
10. Plan for the placement of ceiling lighting elements
11. Plan of switches, sockets and low-current networks
12. Floor plan with type of floor covering, pattern and size
13. Construction of floors
14. Floor Plan
15. Reamers of walls with the indication of the sizes, articles and the expense of a material
16. Specification of electrical fittings, switches and sockets
17. Specification of lighting devices
18. Visualization of interior in 3D

The cost of the design project is negotiable.

Author’s supervision is an additional service to the design project and includes control over the execution of repair and construction works, which will prevent errors and deviations from the project (plan). Ultimately, it will reduce your time, nerves and money.

The cost of author’s support, repair and construction work is calculated for the project.